1 thought on “Sharing a personal narrative”

  1. Dear Barbara, B., Bee,
    What an enjoyable personal narrative! The choice of music, photos and wording of your life story are simply superb. I particularly enjoyed your child perception of Polish as a secret family language.

    I could relate to certain aspects of your life since I have been married for 30 years, have a son of 27 (a mechanical engineer) and a daughter of 25 (who BTW is in B&A and completing her MBA here in Toronto). Unfortunately, I could also identify with the tough political times in Brazil some time ago. Venezuela is at a very critical period nowadays and middle class families are really afraid of potential turns for the worse. The country is falling to pieces in spite of the wealth coming from high oil prices. Many young people are leaving the country in search of freedom of speech/action and better opportunities abroad and this is tearing families apart. There has been a lot of desperation these past days …
    On a brighter side, thanks for sharing with us such a marvelous photostory that takes all negative thoughts away for a while.


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