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Last Wednesday August 25th, I had the audio workshop on blogs for Cyberlangues on Alado (details posted in the previous message). Together with me in the computer room at the Lycée Pasteur in Sao Paulo, nine teachers and two students of mine, who came to give their testimonials on how they view blogging in the classroom.

Online, about 20 teachers in Orléans and Webheads from a bit all over the world (Andy Pinçon, in chicago, USA; Jean Michel Chaupart in Bucamaranga, Colombia; Vance Stevens in Abu Dhabi, UAE; Renata Suzuki in Yokohama, Japan; Elizabeth Hanson-Smith in Sacramento, USA; Maria Jordano in Spain). Lukas Ritzel from Prasena and Mark Esposito from DCT also joined in from Switzerland.

After some suspense and worrying at the beginning (teachers in France only logged in 30 minutes after the scheduled time), we got comfortable and I managed to finish the presentation in time. Some of the hands-on experience was lost though, which is a pity.

During the first seven slides, France could not get the images. Tripod’s short address displays an error message in some computers. Fortunately I spotted it in time and typed the long address, which showed without any problem.

In spite of the initial tension, I believe this was a successful presentation. I had many examples and mails from Mario Asselin and Lisa, a teacher in France, commenting on their blogs. Some people shared their ideas onlines and added some extra spice. In this way people did not to fall asleep, rocked by the sound of my voice 🙂 Vance gave some examples of his photoblogs: one a traveler’s account and the other he opened for community building while training teachers in Tunisia. Caroline and Mariana, my 10th grade students, were thrilled to be part of it all and to speak about what they had done. They interacted with the public and were much more at ease than many of the teachers present. Kudos to the kids!

The recording in Alado came out loud and clear. The presentation in French, split in three parts, can be found at :
Types of blogs
Hands On
You may find links to blogging references in all languages at: (column on the right)

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