Travelling through the web

Preparing my presentation for the WiAOC where I will be highlighting how we can use social networking tools like Flickr, 43Places and 43 Things in the EFL/ESL class in the framework of the Dekita P2P Exchange project.

From EFL Geek: ESL & EFL in Korea I got the address for this gadget which will surely interest students of mine and make them share their experiences abroad, complementing what they are doing on 43places:
World 66 .

This one allows you to insert a map of the countries you’ve visited and a make a travel guide to your site. So testing…this is where I have been 🙂
Must make some time to find someone to sponsor me a visit to the three As: Asia, Australia and Africa… 🙂
Unfortunately the map is too big to fit my blog. Will have to reduce it. Not a very practical idea…it would be nice if there was a choice of the sizes we can use as in Flickr.

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