Using Blog Jet

I have just setup Blogjet, and documented the whole process step by step
for you to see how easy this is.

  • I copied the the different set up windows (Ctrl + Alt+ PrtSc ) and pasted them in Paint Shop Pro (Ctr V).
  • I saved them as jpg files and will inserty them on a Dreamweaver HTML file that I will upload to my server. This will serve as a guide through the process if you find it difficult. However, the set up process is very user friendly so I do not think you will need them.
  • This window is what you get when you click on the Blogjet icon which appears on your desktop after existing setup. This text is being written directly on the window screen.
  • All the format tags such as bold, italic, underline ,colour and bullets are easy to find, just like in Word or Paint. You can also add pictures as the one above by clicking on the photograph icon at the top. I miss the tables…who knows we will get them in the next version as this is beta.

And now…I am going to post it by clicking on blog + post and publish. Let’s see what it looks like.

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