Manuel Netto and Lucia Freitas officially started Blogcamp Brazil ..150 enrolled…about 70 here in the main room and more outside. Although an unconference is usually descentralized and usually spreads out in several rooms according to different themes, all crowded in here around Wasabi (Fresh News from your Friends Beta Version), a combination of Orkut and Google Reader which allows you to bring in RSS feeds (del.icio.us, flickr, google) and also digg them. Participants are reminded how content on the Web is being increasingly consumed instead of traditional media and how your work, productions and artifacts define your profile, presence online. There are a number of niches to be explored without a business model and Wasabi`s idea is to capture best content and help bloggers to get paid for quality content.Their business model is to act as an intermediary between advertisers and bloggers (?) stimulating them to produce and aggregate targetted content in specific areas. The beauty of the idea is it is bloggers themselves who add this content and their own aggregation, which is then interlinked and brings up all the other networks from friends.

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