Web Ideologies – a Regional Map

Through Pedro Markun. GJOL and the Italian blog Vision Post, a clickable map (still in Italian but to be translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages soon) depicts 15 years of theories, encounters, utopias and projections on the Web. (click on the map below to enlarge and again on the other page for the same effect)

Placed on the axis comprised by Free Goods / Markets and Trust/ Scepticism,  profiles of the most famous Web and social network thinkers portray the main “thought schools” :the Founders in the middle, Panglossians and Web Tribals; Lisergics and Neo.com; Hackers and Cyber-Soviets and finally the Tecno-Retro and Post Virtuals.

The original map was posted in Il Manifesto on July 26th 2008.

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