WiA Online Convergence

The Webheads in Action Online Convergence is a free conference on EFL/ESL and CALL to be held entirely online this November 18-20, 2005. On the panel of invited speakers you will have David Nunan, Curtis Bonk, Dave Sperling, Joy Reid, and Randall Davis. The Web portal for the conference and the mirrors (for those who cannot access Geocities locations) can be accessed online for more details.

The proposal deadline has been extended to Monday, September 26,2005. Proposals should be submitted via a special online form , which can be started and edited or completed until the deadline by using the user name and password you create when you open it the first time.

There is a rubric for vetting proposals and your name should appear on the list of successful submissions once you have opened the form and filled in your name and information. All who submit proposals will be contacted by mid October.

Registration for the conference is at the Webhead Moodle Portal

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