Leigh Blackall has just pointed to Wikiversity, a community hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation for the creation and use of free learning materials and activities.

He and Bronwyn Hegarty from Otago Polytech have taken the initiative of building a new course on Wikiversity – Facilitating Online. They envisage starting with material suitable for novice facilitators to help them relate the information and ideas in their own situations. They would like then to move into the advanced stuff such as facilitating and communicating in communities, discussion lists, games, second life, with robots etc. This is a great contribution to open free content!

What I love about the whole Wikiversity idea is that learners and teachers are invited to join, it is multi-lingual (now in Spanish, German and English but more languages should join) and also there are a lot of sister projects, like:

Free-content encyclopedia
Dictionary and thesaurus
Collection of quotations
Free-content news
Directory of species
Free textbooks and manuals
Free-content library
Shared media repository

I am definitely envisaging doing something about it next year in the EFL area and engaging some students. Anyone interested?

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