So…Blogjet is not exactly like Dreamweaver because although it generates code (you will see it on the blogger post window), it does not allow you to post HTML as well. I discovered this when I tried to link the image. When you are working inside the blogger, to post an image you just put

<img xsrc=”http://the_english_dept.tripod.com/images/pawswalk.gif” mce_src=”http://the_english_dept.tripod.com/images/pawswalk.gif”>

so the image will show, while here, what you get is what you see :-)….
by the way, there is a space between img src …I cannot put it here or the image will show…

so back to work… In order to post an image to the free version of the blogger I need to enter blogger and include the the line above inside the post area where I want the image to appear. So…my conclusion is that if you have Dreamweaver or another WYSIWYG developing tool, do not bother about Blogjet because you can copy and paste the code inside the Blogger posting area. If you are a newbie without HTML knowledge, it may help you at the beginning.

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