A letter of support

I would like to make public the request for supportI got yesterday from the Centre for English Teacher Training in Budapest, Hungary. An unfair and insensitive cost-cutting campaign is putting at risk the survival of the centre. Highly respected academics with more than 20 years in the field are being sacked without any professional consideration. A paper seems to matter more than quality work and commitment.

Dear Colleagues, Friends of CETT-Budapest,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the future of the Centre for English Teacher Training (CETT) of Eötvös University has been given a heavy blow by the Dean of the faculty, who has decided not to renew the contract of 9 staff members once these contracts expire 31 August 2005. His only explanation has been that the 9 people still do not possess a PhD degree. While this is true, most of the colleagues concerned are near finishing their degree. What is more, the Dean has not considered any other alternatives which might allow us to remain functioning as a team. His decision, devoid of any professional consideration, is likely to put an end to the successful professional life of our institution, CETT-Budapest.

Should you wish to express your support for the educational values underlying CETT’s professional activities in pre- and in-service teacher education, as well as for the staff who initiated and maintained that programme for about 15 years, please, send an e-mail message to the following address: hajracett@citromail.hu ! You may write a few supporting words too, or simply give your basic data (e.g. “Laura May, teacher trainer, Basel”) in any human language (at least your full name is required). We have started to gather the names of the supporters who have sent their e-mails to the address above (200 in 3 days!), and we wish to continue doing so with the new mails coming in. The daily updated list of supporters is made public on the Internet on the following webpage:

The full list of supporters will be used to show university officials, as well as to any interested member of the national and international professional community in support of our institution.

Please feel free to send the letter on to colleagues, other professionals you think might join the cause.

Thank you for your support in any form. We look forward to receiving your e-mails!

With best wishes,
The still intact and committed staff of CETT-Budapest
Here is my answer
To whom it may concern

I am writing to express my support for the staff members of CETT (Eötvös University) and in particular for Péter Rádai. Although I do not reside in Hungary or Europe, but am an EFL teacher in distant Brazil, I have come to know the excellent work developed by the Centre thanks to Péter. Not only have I been lucky to participate and collaborate with him on a European project but I have also received his encouragement and help for my nomination for the
Global Schoolnet Award.

I can bear witness to his involvement, reliability, professionalism, commitment, and enthusiasm in the area of teacher development, without which a PhD or any other diploma is meaningless.

Please reconsider your decision and allow the staff members to continue bringing recognition and prestige to Eotvos University through their excellent and professional work.


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