Blogstreams Salon: Blogging toward Learner Autonomy

As an extension to the Evo05 blogging workshop, every Sunday at 22:00 GMT, Aaron, Graham and I host the Blogstreams Salon at Tappedin, where teachers involved in EFL/ESL blogging come for informal chats. Once a month we hold a special presentation at ASO (After School Online room). Next Sunday, for instance, we have Aaron Campbell on
“Blogging toward Learner Autonomy”.

The presentation is free and open to interested teachers and bloggers.

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1 thought on “Blogstreams Salon: Blogging toward Learner Autonomy”

  1. Hi Bee and friends,

    I’m Dan Bassill, president of the Tutor/Mentor Connection, based in Chicago and on the Internet. Every six months I host a conference to gather people interested in tutoring/mentoring and helping kids move from poverty to careers. In 2004 an eConference overlay was added and I’m thankful that you and other Webheads participated.

    The next eConference will be held in two stages, starting on May 6, 2005 with one hosted by Webheads and the Digital Workforce Education Society. You can read about this at

    You can learn more about the May 12 and 13 face to face conference, and a May 23 eConference hosted by IUPUI, by visiting

    This international networking can increase visibility for organizations trying to help kids, and can increase the sharing of ideas and building of collaborations needed to increase resources and quality.

    A few weeks ago I hosted a many and his wife from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who came to Chicago to learn more about the Tutor/Mentor Connection after spending the past few years networking and learning from our web sites. I’m hoping they use this information to build a similar network in Sao Paulo. I can provide you with contact information if you email me at

    The conferences are just a place to meet and a way to build visibility and enthusiasm for what we do. I feel that it is in blogs and other informal learning networks that the hard work of building and sustaining tutor/mentor programs needs to be done.

    I don’t know of any web site where blogs focusing on this topic are listed. If any of you are creating such content, please let me know.

    Thank you and I hope to see you in the May eConference space.

    Dan Bassill
    Tutor/Mentor Connection


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