Blogstreams Salon 2006

This year the Blogstreams Salon meetings will be held only once a month, on every first Sunday of the month at 21:00 GMT.
For these occasions we will bring special guests to share with you the projects they are working on or just chat about blogging/podcasting/videocasting in general. Extra sessions may happen if the need arises.
To launch the first session of the year on February 5th, I have invited Ewan McIntosh, from the University of Stirling (Scottish Centre for Information on Language Teaching). He is working extensively with Learning and Teaching Scotland in Glasgow and giving conferences across Europe. Ewan, who is also a teacher of French and German, is a passionate edublogger , very much interested in international and cross-curricular cooperation, non-topic-based Intensive French pedagogy, educational weblogging and Podcasting.

Join us at Tappedin on Sunday 5th at 21:00 GMT .
Consult your local time. For those of you who have a little time this weekend and want to explore the resources Blogstreams Salon has to offer you, do the crossword puzzle quiz 🙂

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