Michael Coghlan’s Presentation on YM

Michael Coghlan is now presenting Hearing Online Voices in EFL/ESL on Yahoo Messenger for the BaW 06 Evo Session. 30 people present, among whom 3 Brazilians (Carla Arena, Erika Cruvinel from Brasilia and myself in Sao Paulo). Aiden is explaining how she participated in an audio exchange with Michael and how the students became the main protagonists in the chat. Michael describes how Chris Jones (Arizona), Anne Fox (Denmark) conducted exchanges online with their classes. Buthaina (Kuwait) had webheads listen to students’ oral presentations and ask questions.
Aiden and Michael have recorded wonderful messages for my blogging workshop on the Summer School Podomatic.


“The moment you hear people, you’ll kind of bump closer to that person in an emotional site and the sense of community is strenghtened” (typing furiously what Michael is saying..not easy..good exercise)

The future is mobile phones. The intersection between the Internet and mobiles is already there pdas together with mobiles allowing us to talk wherever we are immediately, broadcasting our voice to the world.

To everyone’s delight, Michael ended the presentation by singing Happy Online 🙂

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