Bridging events

On May 30th (this coming Friday) I will be in Brasília for the Braz-Tesol Goiânia chapter one-day conference. You are all invited to join us virtually at 9:15 am for my keynote or at 14:00 for the workshop. Check your local time and where.

On the same occasion (at the end of my workshop on Elluminate), I will be giving the keynote that Cristina Costa invited me to make for the launch of the Evolve Community in the UK.

According to Graham Attwell, Director of the Wales based research organisation, Pontydysgu, the Evolve project is organising a series of Open International on-line events and seminars. The objectives are:

  • To provide a space for participant driven discussion and debate
  • To promote critical inquiry and discourse
  • To allow for the presentation of ideasin progress
  • To share expertise, ideas and future thinking around common research agendas

Hope to see many familiar faces there and meet new – either face to face or online 🙂

Update: the recording and slides of the first keynote ” Creating Ripples”can be found on the WebcastAcademy site.

The workshop and keynote Social Media in ELT are on Elluminate.

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