Connected Futures

I got a Twitter follow message from John Smith (Learning Alliances). I reciprocated and a link on one of his tweets led me to the CPsquare workshop Susan Nyrop had referred to in a Skype chat some time before. It was the same one Bronwyn Stuckey had been talking about when we shared the room in New York during the Tesol week after her own research conference finished.

I met Bron online some years ago through Quest Atlantis, a learning and teaching project that uses a 3D multi-user environment to immerse children, ages 9 to 12, in educational tasks. Although at school we did not have the necessary bandwidth to go beyond the initial phase and did not complete the project, Bron and I kept aware of each other’s presence online (peripheral social awareness). When I decided to travel to Australia in January, I dropped her a line through Facebook and she very warmly invited me and hosted me for several days. Last April, we happened to meet again in NY as she especially extended her stay to meet members of the Webheads in Action, one of the communities I have most worked and collaborated with in the past four years.

John asked me to contribute with some of my “Webhead” experience as a technology steward, a role that until now, I had not exactly realized I have been increasingly playing since I connected to the web in 1997.

I am interested in the Connected Futures workshop for several reasons. I have been interacting through social tools, writing, presenting about them and helping students and teachers use them for quite some time now so I am curious to follow a similar workshop as a learner 🙂 I also want to have an insight into the “language” spoken/translated by professionals in other fields of practice than my own.

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