Busy Holidays Online

I am now on holidays so apparently one should thing I would have more time to reflect and write… somehow this does not seem true as I always find something to engage myself in.

Yesterday through Bloglines I got word from Robin Good that there was a limited offer (from July 1st to 14th) on Brainbench. You can take as many tests as you like for free. As I am curious, love a challenge and cannot resist a freebie, off I went to experiment with it. This took me the whole morning . After having a go at the personality test (which came out quite accurately), I decided to certify my skills in English, French and Portuguese

I am proud to announce I have my master degree having “demonstrated the ability to read, comprehend, and communicate in these languages at the highest level”.

However, I must confess I failed miserably on the presentation skills test… must get it right for next August when I will be giving a virtual presentation at Cyberlangues through Alado, thanks to Andy Pinçon’s generous offer.
I have opened another blog for the occasion Je blogue, et vous, vous-bloguez? where I will try to describe (in French) my preparation, difficulties and ideas for the event.

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