Coincidences, emails and quotations

Do you believe in coincidence or telepathy? I usually don’t, but I do stop short in my tracks, startled when this accidental synchronic sequence of events happens.

Last night, I was surfing on the web, jumping from one blogroll to another, when I got to Seb’s Open Research Blog and found:

” In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” Al Rogers

While musing over the quote and wondering whether the Al mentioned was the same Al I got to know from Global Schoolnet, the familiar sound of email hitting the inbox signalled a new message.

Wonder of wonders…a mail from Al. This is definitely Al month as two weeks ago I got word from a colleague I had not heard from for ages … making reference to Al. So you can imagine my surprise!

Al found it interesting that his use of this particular quote during a presentation made many years ago is still remembered. However, he warns the quote comes from a 1973 book by Eric Hoffer, which elaborated on an idea first suggested by Alvin Toffler in 1970. Somebody must have picked it from his presentation and passed it along.

Al comments his name gets googled with that quotation almost as much as Eric Hoffer’s :-).
So to his question ” How do you correct this kind of footnoting problem?”, this is an attempt of an answer.

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