Colloquium on Global Communication

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith sent an invitation to members on the Webheads in Action list to participate online in the Colloquium on Global Communication for the The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow. I accepted to give a presentation together with Sus Nyrop from Denmark, Cristina Costa in England, Rita Zeinstejer from Argentina and Ronaldo Lima Jr and Erika Cruvinel from Brasilia. After a series of mail exchanges, I set up a wiki , where we all gradually added our information, links resources and slides. I also used the presenters’ abstracts to compose the Wordle image that appears on the front page and which Elizabeth added at the bottom on the other pages as a sort of a logo.

As Natalie Udina (the organizer of the event in Moscow) and some of the presenters were not very familiar with the Elluminate platform in Learning Times, we set a number of rehearsal times for people to test and ask questions.

On the day of the event (October 24th) I almost missed the session because of the heavy traffic on the ring when coming back from the countryside, but fortunately I managed to arrive almost on time. Among the people present at the conference in Moscow, there was Dr. Anastasiya Atabekova, a representative from the culture section of the US Embassy in Moscow, some members of the local government, the University Dean, the pro-rector in science and other participants from different countries from Eastern Europe.

As my sound quality was poor and the wifi connection uneven, I have decided to record it again. While the original raw footage is archived and a bit difficult to retrieve inside  the Webheads in Action room at Learning Times, the polished and interactive recording is here for those who do not want to log in.

11 thoughts on “Colloquium on Global Communication”

  1. What a wonderfully thought-provoking, engaging presentation, Bee! It’s summative but, at the same time, a way of encouraging further action / reflection / divergence / synthesis.

    Thank you VERY much for making this available!

    I’ll add a comment later—after I’ve “digested” your thoughts a bit and reflected on them.


    D. O.

  2. Thank you, Dennis. It was a laborious task to go over and record it again but I find this an easier way of interacting than just listening to a presentation on Elluminate. Natalie sent me a mail saying this is much clearer (sound wise) and that she will try to break it in chunks and use it with her students. Let’s see what comes out of it.

  3. Wonderful presentation! It’s amazing how small the world becomes in the Internet and how it seems to be like real life in so many aspects!
    Just like today, I have assisted to this conference (async) and received the same information as people in the colloquium didin Moscow.
    Thanks for the effort of making it clearer and thanks for sharing 🙂
    Hugs from Mexico

  4. Excellent presentation.
    Thanks for sharing. The change of paradigm allowed by easy creating contents is the main important point here.
    You’re really clear about that. Making connections and working in collaboration is changing the way people can learn.

    You’re a great inspiration. I guess many participants are engaging with all of this.
    Your Sabbath has been really productive so far!!!
    A huge hug from Argentina

  5. Hi Bee,

    I listened to this the other day during the Webheads weekly meeting at TappedIn. It came up in the conversation, Rita mentioned it, so I dug out the recording and made a tiny url for it

    That should make the whole thing a little more easily retrievable. Anyone wishing to change the mnemonic can make their own from the URL that comes up when you visit the tinyurl given here.

    What a great set of presentations. Not sure why I missed attending but it was excellent to sit and listen to one excellent speaker after another. Thanks for going to the trouble of re-recording and sharing. Your slides got commented on during the TI chat!


  6. Thanks Susana and Angeles for your kind words and Vance for the link. It was wonderful to collaborate on the wiki and during the presentation. Vance, have you got the transcript of the TI chat? I am not connected in the countryside so i always miss the Sunday buzz 🙂

  7. Hi Bee

    Neat material. Thanks for sharing. I was delighted to see that some of the content on the slides also apply to corporate learning, not only to formal education or ESL education.


  8. Dear Barbara,

    My name is Elisabeth Dols and I am a Communication Engineer working and living in The Netherlands.
    My question to you is: Can I post/share your presentation on my website ?
    My website (non-commercial) is in progress and will be launched just before Christmas. The main objective is to provide a portal for communication. Your presentation is a comprehensive guide for educators on how to transform and establish a responsible identity online. I will be happy to send you a preview.

    *Elisabeth Dols

  9. Thank You Barbara for you immediate response. I have placed your presentation on my website and have dedicated your name above it. Can you please provide me with an e-mail address so I can send the preview of the site to you privately? I do not want to expose the website before launching. Also, the link to the Creative Commons page is grand. Have a wonderful weekend,

    *Elisabeth Dols


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