Colloquium on Global Communication

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith sent an invitation to members on the Webheads in Action list to participate online in the Colloquium on Global Communication for the The Peoplesā€™ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow. I accepted to give a presentation together with Sus Nyrop from Denmark, Cristina Costa in England, Rita Zeinstejer from Argentina and Ronaldo Lima Jr and Erika Cruvinel from Brasilia. After a series of mail exchanges, I set up a wiki , where we all gradually added our information, links resources and slides. I also used the presenters’ abstracts to compose the Wordle image that appears on the front page and which Elizabeth added at the bottom on the other pages as a sort of a logo.

As Natalie Udina (the organizer of the event in Moscow) and some of the presenters were not very familiar with the Elluminate platform in Learning Times, we set a number of rehearsal times for people to test and ask questions.

On the day of the event (October 24th) I almost missed the session because of the heavy traffic on the ring when coming back from the countryside, but fortunately I managed to arrive almost on time. Among the people present at the conference in Moscow, there was Dr. Anastasiya Atabekova, a representative from the culture section of the US Embassy in Moscow, some members of the local government, the University Dean, the pro-rector in science and other participants from different countries from Eastern Europe.

As my sound quality was poor and the wifi connection uneven, I have decided to record it again. While the original raw footage is archived and a bit difficult to retrieve insideĀ  the Webheads in Action room at Learning Times, the polished and interactive recording is here for those who do not want to log in.

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