Congress for Cybersociety

I have enrolled for the 3rd Online Congress for Cybersociety,organized by Fobsic (an organization from Catalunya). I do not have much to say but very interested in following the conversations in the different forums. You are allowed to choose 6 to participate in but can read what is happening all over. Here are the ones I have chosen (not sure whether I will actively participate…but still…getting informed and informing)

I am still trying to find my way inside the system – the interface is not very user friendly I feel you are too many clicks away from everything so it is difficult to see what is happening, if there is dialogue occurring and feel the vibrancy of the conversations. I find it a bit static even though the themes are fascinating and there are quite a lot of good papers that have been submitted. Now the forums are mostly in Spanish, Catalán, Gallego and Portuguese but English translation is provided…prefer deciphering the original version though. There is also a newsletter that comes regularly, announcing some of the key events. The last one for instance, points to the Wiwiw project (who is who in the internet world) , which seeks to highlight those (sometimes) unknown people who devoted (at least 10 years) to the Internet. Creators, inventors, protocol implementers and also all those who silently brought the internet to their own countries… a record of the world history of the Internet.The other goodie are the conferences – and here is one with Pierre Lévy (pdf file)… hmm did not manage to download or link to the video. I wonder whether it is possible – although the conference is free, you must enroll and all is closed behind a password.

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