Debut in Second Life

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My First Life is adventurous, busy and disorganized and as a result I am going quite insane with all the work stacked on the table, meetings and deadlines. Among my many good resolutions, I promised myself I would not get involved in anything new until the end of the year.

Throughout the FLNW tour, JoKay and Sean Fitz gave a number of presentations on Second Life, explained the potential for educational creative work and invited me to join. However, knowing myself and worried about the consequences this might represent, I managed to hold to my promise until the very last day on the road, when I finally downloaded the programme and gave myself the identity of a true nature’s child: Bee Kerouac.

I did not manage to do much on that day (walked around, soared near the sun, got my wings burnt, dived into a river and bumped my head on the bridge)and tried to forget about it while I plunged into my hectic daily routine back home.

Sean tried to lure me 🙂 into it later on, by sending me inventory gifts (like this Cool Bee T-shirt) but I resisted temptation bravely….until last Friday evening, when I made my real debut in Second Life encouraged also by the increasing number of Webhead incursions and presentations led by Baldric Commons and Gavin on the Edunations island.

(it is after all, almost the end of the year…)
(to be continued)

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