Cooking up a Storm in Education

Robyn Jay (a.k.a. Bubbling Brooks) and Alexander Hayes (a.k.a Limitless Infinity) invited me to deliver the closing keynote for the Sydney E-learning event organized by Learnscope NSW on November 2nd (check your time). Here is a more complete program of the workshops offered and a link to the NSW Learnscope Blog


I will be interacting from my desk here in Sao Paulo both with the live audience in Sydney and in-world through Second Life and Adobe Connect, which will be hosting a session for those who cannot make it in-world.

This has been an interesting process. Alex and I have been Skyping regularly and he suggested I invite some guests so I kept chewing over how to make the whole thing more interactive using the tools shown during the various workshops. After a very fruitful brainstorming session with Robyn, Alex, Donna Hensley and JoKay, we came up with the title and the idea of mirroring the meal at the live event in Second Life. What could be more convivial than receiving people for lunch/diner around a table?


I invited some guests so that I would not be the only voice dominating the space. Alan Levine (a.k.a. CD Barkley), who will be home after almost two weeks touring AU with his kit of 50 tools , will have more than 50 stories to tell about what he has seen happening there and how social tools help connect . Josie Fraser (a.k.a. Josie Oh) has been doing incredible work on digizen cyberbullying and recently made an interesting post on the limits of homophily. Dave Pollard might want to share how Second Life has stirred up his imagination, creativity and sense of connection and Nancy Whitewill link the threads and bring the event full circle – prepare yourself for a generous serving of virtual and real chocolate 🙂

JoKay has used her talent, a load of prims and some of my Flickr photos to build the reception area for people to mingle and talk in-world. It is set in a tropical environment with an incredible view of the sea. Congrats Jo!


For the keynote to be less formal and more interactive, I suggested a back channel through Twitter, with a panel projector on the virtual terrace so that the live audience can have the possibility to send their messages through their mobiles to the guests and people in-world.

We will also be posting some questions on to the various channels (Twitter, blogs, social networking sites and lists) throughout the week so all can throw in their two cents. It will be fun to bring together all the contributions – a collection of artifacts representing our emerging open educational partnership and collaboration culture.

Bon appetit!

5 thoughts on “Cooking up a Storm in Education”

  1. Dear Bee,
    very sorry to not accept your kind invitation for this exciting venue; but at 2 am I need to sleep as I get up at 5 am for a job with four hours of transport each direction on the same day.
    Hope to see some screen dumps and get a lively resume from your fireplace circle!

    Sus N. in Denmark

  2. Thanks Sus and Graham. I know the time scheduled for the event makes it very difficult for Europeans to participate. Hopefully the presentation will be recorded.


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