Preparing the menu for conversations 1

I have prepared some appetizers, some food for thought throughout this week before the keynote. If you have a little time, please throw in your two cents. The questions will be posted in the various social media (twitter, Facebook, lists) and collected for the conference. You can post the answer here, on the wiki (open) and on the NSW LearnScope blog.

My first question is:

If you could invite 5 people from the past to join your table at the E-learning event in Sydney, who would those be and what would be the topic for conversation?

5 thoughts on “Preparing the menu for conversations 1”

  1. 1. Paulo Freire is the first to spring to mind…..Serious! ….I’d be interested to hear his thoughts on Web 2.0 tools and dialogics

    2. Socrates…. to listen to his views on Howard’s YouTube, Rudd’s MySpace and the peoples’ Get Up

    3. Salman Rushdie…. to see whether he was pleased that a lot of us LearnScopers ‘aim for the stars….. and try to do too much’

    4. Virginia Woolf…. to watch her let loose in stream of consciousness blog writing

    5. Mary Wollstonecraft – because she was one of the first advocates of education for women….. what are her thoughts on the gender balance in the room?

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