Hosting the Neapolitans

Almost a month without posting! Shame on you, Bee!
Well…I have been busy as you can see, dearest readers. From July 20th to 30th, I was away from the computer, travelling with 5 students of mine visiting Rio and travelling along the coast to Sao Paulo with a stopover in Parati (lovely little colonial town).

We were hosting a group of Italian correspondents from Naples as a result of a collaborative project that started from an email contact after a visit to the Europe in Brazil project and continued through the Beeonline blog.

This is the kind of project I just love, when after some time of virtual collaboration and interaction the kids actually get to meet face to face.

We had loads of fun, trying to make ourselves understood in a Babel of languages. The common language was to be English but because some of them did not master it, they resorted to Italian, Portuguese , Spanish and French. Those who did not manage to communicate in English fluently noticed how important it is to learn it to make themselves understood more clearly in a foreign context. Those who had the language, realized they had to compromise, make allowances and look for the best expressions to convey meaning without hurting feelings.

I have not yet had time to sort out the pictures but as soon as I do, I will try to open a collective photoblog on Buzznet so as to illustrate our circuit and experience. Will keep you posted!

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