New Year Challenges

This is going to be a new year packed with challenges, good resolutions and good surprises 🙂

The first one has just arrived from – I offered myself a gift for X-mas: a hardcover copy of The New Media Reader. It is thick, heavy and looks very interesting . It also sports a CD on the back cover.This will give me enough material to investigate and learn from for the whole year.

Organizing also a barcamp in Sao Paulo together with other members of the list.I hope Hugo manages to confirm the space at IME.

Next week – I’m a guest speaker at another Hornby Summer School, organized by the British Council Brazil and which will bring together about 30 teachers from all over Latin America. I have opened a wiki for the occasion and will probably using last year’s summer school blog to report on the event. The three main strands cover challenges – for teachers, learners and language challenges. I will add ICT to the mix.
From 15th to 25th there is the Tesol Evo sessions. I will be co-moderating the Webpublishing in Open and Participatory Environments workshop together with Patricia Glogowski, Graham Stanley, Nick Noakes and Scott Lockmann.

For mid-March I should have finished writing aabout my 3-year blogging experience with secondary school students to be published in Portuguese together with other case studies of the K-12 group of secondary school educators I belong to.
End of March, I fly to Seattle for the Tesol convention in a much lighter mood. Although the week I am away will probably be deducted from my salary (this happened when I went to NZ last year), I was given the TOEFL Award for International Participation which will cover my trip and lodging expenses. I have enrolled for a leadership course. This will also be a major Webhead get together. I am looking forward to meeting all the people I have been collaborating with for so long.

Easter will be in Barcelona, together with my elder son and his girlfriend. I hope I can see Graham (if he is not away for his honeymoon) and all other webheads and friends who are nearby. I will also be travelling to Paris for the wedding of my best friend’s daughter.

Laura Franklin asked me to give a keynote lecture for the Merlot Conference in New Orleans beginning of August. As “Jazz is not, and has never been a one-man show” (Art Hodes), all Wehbeads and friends are invited to participate in the jam session.

Fun time ahead!

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