Two cool tools

The Webheads are experimenting with Chinswing, which allows you to play audio clips sequentially and automatically, creating a virtual  dialogue as though participants were in a room responding to each other in real time.

Have your say and answer David Winet’s questions on webcams and Second Life, or tell Michael Coghlan how you would use it in EFL teaching.

Via Alex Hayes,  who got it from Stephen Downes, a nifty web whiteboard called SkrBl, which allows you to scribble conference notes, discussions, group meetings and sharing them online.

There is just so much you can do nowadays – I wonder why people are not collaborating more!

3 thoughts on “Two cool tools”

  1. Hmmmm……at least incoming links is keeping my community spirit alive. Sure, with so many tools we all now look like fools.

    Forgetting to speak to each other or in fact are speaking louder and more often just in snippets and bursts when needed ? Whatever I’m loving the idea of wide open spaces.

    Till we meet.

  2. Fools and their tools, Alex Hayes. You have the sound, fury and rhythm in your ears and voice, the colours of the world in your eye palette. Snippets, bursts, sad solitude, silence – sunny irony and rejoicing as well .

    Let’s sow the seeds on the wide open space soils… act and sing like fools in travelling circus shows. Who knows, the earth may one day be yours… though this is not what really matters for us…or is it?

  3. What matters for me Barbara is knowing that I’m prepared to give it all up and take a different tack when that’s where life takes me. I’m happiest when tom-foolery leads to laughter and happiness.


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