Project M (continuation)

I have enrolled for project M to be able to see how it works from the inside but am still an outsider as I did not find a group to work with. Many groups chose their sides and competed for World Power using Media strategies to convince different onlookers to vote for them (through mobile phones). The game ended today.

What attracted me at first was the innovative, interactive content of a Media Awareness game allied to a wiki collaborative platform, SMS messaging and gsms.

“The Purpose of Project M is to use exciting technologies to develop new media literacy and create a space for young people to think and act critically”

However, the loaded language and bias I found inside is what held me back. The game seems to reduce human interaction to manipulation, control and domination through media strategies and urges young people to achieve their goals through any means available.

“Empower your team with convicing content, attractive layouts, stunning advertising, seducing gossip, uplifting slogans, good stories, friends and or examples of wrongs, lies and cheating of one or more of the other teams.”

I do not know what the sequence to this game is or if there will be any. However, I feel that if the game is left at this level, without any further discussion, the result is a brainwash of the same minds it claims to free.

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