Share your soul

I have just got an invitation from Patricia Glogowski to join Shelfari , a social media website for book lovers launched last November. You can add titles to your personal bookshelf, connect with friends, browse other users’ bookshelves, recommend books and engage in book discussions. Thanks Patricia, not a bad idea, but something you could easily do in a hundred other social sites, where you can open a special interest group or community. However, this one targets the specific bibliophile niche and as a consequence a hundred thousand educators, who by profession and love are attached to books.

Guesswho has already given its support by investing in it? Any vested interest there, you think?

What else will you be asked to share so it can monetized and commodified…your soul?

Please bear with me, although I love Amazon and their service, I am somewhat not comfortable with the idea and not in a happy satisfied customer/consumer perspective today. Is there any argument you can forward to change my mind?

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