The Web is Flat

This morning, I attended online the second talk of the series “Writing in a Multiliterate Flat World”, a presential three-day workshop Vance Stevens is giving in the framework of the 26th Summer Course open learning initiative led by the Open University of the Basque Country in San Sebastian, Spain.

There were only four of us in the Elluminate Room – Bobbi, Vance’s wife, who acted as a moderator, Rita Zeinjster from Argentina, Sedat from Turkey and myself. In the audience, from what Bobbi told me, there were about 100 educators, most of whom were listening to a Spanish simultaneous translation of what Vance was explaining. The theme today was aggregation, syndication and tagging, crucial concepts to understand how our search becomes easier on the net, how all these dynamic platforms connect and how our mentality should shift from push into pull. This was also one of the points of our presentation for the WiAOC 2005 conference.

For those who are not familiar with English, I would like to point to some blogging resources in Spanish, which I find of particular interest. I have already blogged about La Clase Abierta, for which I was interviewed on Dekita and blogging. Jose Luis Cabello is another active Spanish blogger, blogging about educational technology both in Spanish and in English. Loic le Meur and a number of other bloggers cover the European blogosphere in the Social Text Wiki. Here are the main blogs listed in the Spanish blogosphere.

BTW, this afternoon I am attending the signature of the convention between Uniao Cultural EUA and the Cervantes Institute. Oh…must brush up my Spanish!

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