Staying connected: sustaining an online learning community

Set my alarm clock to the wee hours of the morning (2:30 am here) to hear Michael Coghlan’s (a.k.a The Voice) directly from Noah’s on the Beach in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. This audio-conference , recorded on Learning Times ( , was part of the 3rd Australian Learning Communities Conference: Be Shaken – Learning for Change.

Michael introduced his f2f participants to us , the Webheads (an international online community of teachers and students of English) and explained why the Webheads community, which was established in 1998, is still active and growing.

This very lively presentation outlined the key features of the Webheads community, and highlighted the reasons for its success and longevity.
Some of the webheads present at the conference: Teresa Almeida d´Eça, in Portugal; Buthaina Alothman, from Kuwait but in NY presently; David Winet and Chris Jones- in the USA, among others.

Congrats Michael – I did not regret for a single minute missing 1 hour of my sleep 🙂

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