Transatlantic Howl! A Dedication to Allen Ginsberg

Retrieved from a posting on CETEFL List … a world- wide transatlantic poetic happening … but only available to those with an Internet 2 connection or who are living in Paris and London, unfortunately 🙁

Thursday 14 October 2004 2:00 pm EDT (additional times listed below)

In this history-making transatlantic poetic happening, celebrating Allen Ginsberg and his epic poem HOWL, poets will perform at venues in London, Paris, and across the United States. Theselive poetry readings and poetic theatre pieces will be simultaneously streamed across JANET, Renater, and Internet2 advanced networks.

Streaming video and audio will allow audiences at each site to not only observe readings on location, but will provide the ability to experience the art of poetry in remote theaters as well. While Transatlantic Howl! A Dedication to Allen Ginsberg is streamed, anyone from Calcutta to Caracas with broadband access will be able to watch the entire poetry reading as it happens.

Featured readers include Amiri Baraka, Anne Waldman, Anne Carson, Robert Glück, Ken Mikolowski, Danny Karlin, JoanneKyger, Bob Rosenthal, Steven Taylor, Ed Sanders, JosephGuglielmi, The Allen Ginsberg Greek Chorus, composer and musician BillDouglas, Stephen Mooney, visual artist Maurice Benayoun, students from London, and surprise special guests.

Anne Waldman of Naropa University and Internet2’s Ann Doyle will serveas MCs for this event.Universities who are assisting in producing this poetry reading are:University College London; Birkbeck College, University of London;University of Paris VIII; San Francisco State University; University ofColorado, Boulder; University of Michigan; and New Jersey Institute ofTechnology. Technical support is provided by Ohio State University with additional assistance by Naropa University’s Summer Writing Program.

Program :
The program for Transatlantic Howl! A Dedication to Allen Ginsberg is still being formulated. Watch this space for details.The program will take place at the following time:
Paris, Lodz, Osnabrueck, 20:00
London, 19:00
New York, 14:00
Boulder, noon
San Francisco, 11:00
To calculate the time for watching this live event from your time zone, refer to the World Clock web page.
If you have any questions about Transatlantic Howl!A Dedication to Allen Ginsberg, contact Ann>, phone (734) 352-7011 or Mary>, phone (303) 444-9856.

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