Upcoming is another social networking service online. It’s a global collaborative event calendar, where all the events are added by the community (The Power of Many). Some of the features include:

  • Browsing through events happening in your area (your Metro)
  • Posting of events to Upcoming.org to share them with your friends
  • Syndication of event calendars with RSS or iCal, to let you display calendars on your website or in your calendar application or PDA.
  • Maintaining a list of events you’re watching and post them on your blog.
  • I have created a group for the Webheads in Action so it will be easier to find out where they are meeting and when.

    Tricks and treats!

    I got the tip from Andre Avorio (Barcamp Brasil) who has been registering all meetings we have had to organize barcamp SP, while I am the photographer :-). Yesterday evening, we had a beer together at Prainha (Andre is exceptionally in SP this week) with Dani, Katia, Leandro and a couple of other young journalists to discuss where to do it.

    I am surprised at how it has been extremely difficult to find an open public space for us to meet. At the university, there is a lot of bureaucratic and hierarchical lag to endure for an informal and open gathering like this. Fortunately, Dani (ex Universia) has managed to get some teachers at Casper Libero interested so next Monday she will be meeting some of the board and we are twisting our fingers all goes well. It was suggested we postpone it until early March so as to involve a bigger number of participants and also uni stds who will have by then come back from their holidays and Carnival (in Brazil nothing serious happens between Christmas and Carnival)

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