Upgrading, updating & all

A week before my classes at school begin, still on holidays and already swamped, with so many things happening all over : EVO sessions (I’m co-moderating Open Webpublishing and following Evogaming and Evovideo), preparing this year’s school schedule and classes at school, giving presentations online (for the BaW07 session and B4B, networking on various social platforms and occasionally playing dolls in Second Life).

Time just slips by faster and faster, especially when major blunders occur, like when upgrading to the new WordPress 2.1 I got distracted over a telephone call and forgot to perform some basic steps: delete folders and directories. For two days I have been struggling to get this right – still some minor bugs (no rich Text editor and the code editor is also acting bizarre) but at least I can now publish and did not lose all my data like the first time I tried the upgrade…backups are vital.

So here is old news I have been planning to document but have not yet had the opportunity. Some fresher news will follow shortly now that this blog is working again.

Two interviews I participated in – one on Absolutely Intercultural with Anne Fox, Jeff Lebow, Karsten Kneese and Helen Keegan about Online Culture and Languages and the other for Teachers Teaching Teachers, during which I chatted informally with Paul Allison and Lee Baber about how I started with international collaborative projects online, way back in 1997 , Personal Learning Space.(a walled garden weblog project for middle school students in the USA) and my blogging projects for this year.

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