The Task

In many ways learning to blog is learning to learn, a lifelong skill whose practice can enrich the lives of learners and continue to provide them with a self-driven vehicle for exploration, discovery, and continued linguistic development.

The purpose of this webquest is to make us use blogs and other collaboration tools and stimulate our thinking on how to bring EFL/ESL to blogosphere.

In the next six weeks, we will:

There are many things to do, read and attend to during this quest. In order to keep the overall activity balanced, we'd like to ensure that the tasks are spread out over the range of participants. This is why you will be:

The success of the course for everyone depends on your cooperation with these group tasks. Each week a number of you will be responsible for the tasks assigned to the different groups. However, you should not feel limited to that task alone. Feel free to do other tasks as long as you have fulfilled the responsibility of your assigned task(s).

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