The Process

1st Week

What is a blog/wiki?

Do you think they may be useful tools in EFL/ESL?
2nd Week

What kind of blogs providers can we use?

What kind of content is being developed through blogs?
3rd Week

What is Syndication and Aggregation?

How can these help EFL/ESL learners who blog?
4th Week

What can we add to blogs to make them more interactive?

Can you envisage some possible activities/uses of these tools in your classroom?
5th Week

Which of the projects under discussion this week most appealed to you and why?
Can you see yourself getting involved with any such projects with your learners?
6th Week

What is a community of practice?

What are some specific ways to maintain a healthy, active blog and cultivate a thriving EFL/ESL blog community?
January 17th
January 23rd
January 24th
January 30th
January 31st
February 6th
February 7th
February 13th
February 14th
February 20th
February 21st
February 27th

A reminder on how we will use our working environment

Yahoo Group: schedule, socializing, doubts, questions, instructions, calendar, tasks, miscellaneous
Personal Blog: comments and reflections on your own learning process /assigned tasks
Collective Blog: assigned weekly group tasks and comments from other groups
Wiki: assemblage of commented resources related to blogging/wikis/communities of practice, list of addresses to personal blogs, collective compilation of FAQ/draft pages
Tappedin, Learning Times, Alado: synchronous conference rooms

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