Experimenting with Bloki

I opened an account with Bloki after a suggestion given by Isabel Perez in the webheads group. According to the Bloki introductory page, Bloki is a web site on which you can create web pages, publish a blog, and host online discussions, right in your browser, with no additional software required. I have 54 students middle school students working on it. We are exploring all its features together as we advance in our EFL program.

I want them to make pages, cooperate and publish online the content they have amassed in class so that what they do can be interactive and make some sense to them.

Their first task was to write me an introduction letter …who they are, origins, family, likes and dislikes. I sent them back the correction by mail and asked them to adapt it to the page online. In this way they revise what they have done and practise their Internet skills at the same time. In addition to the explanation given in class, I have posted the instructions on the my bloki page

It took me about three 50 minute classes to enroll, explain how the page works and post their first task. We only have 14 computers for 27 students and we cannot have two different Bloki pages open simultaneously on the computer. Must write them to find a solution. Having to logout every time is very time consuming and some students get lost.

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